Dez Bryant isn’t wrong for passing on Ravens offer

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The Baltimore Ravens offered a multi-year deal to Dez Bryant, only to see it declined. Although he remains a free agent, Bryant made the right call.

Dez Bryant might not find work until training camp, and he ought to be fine with that. Bryant. 29, was released only days before the NFL Draft in April, and has yet to sign on with another club. Reportedly, the Baltimore Ravens were offering a multi-year deal, but the former Pro Bowler declined, and now has limited options.

On the surface, Bryant made a bad decision. However, a slightly deeper analysis shows it could be a wise move. The former Cowboys star hasn’t enjoyed a 1,000-yard season since 2014, but he remains a viable threat on the outside for a contender. Eventually, whether it be lesser demands or an injury in camp, a team with championship hopes and a solid quarterback will come calling.

As currently constituted, the Ravens have neither of the aforementioned traits. Joe Flacco has been something awful for the better part of the last five seasons. Additionally, the Ravens don’t have any other legitimate receivers to take the heat off Bryant, making him the No. 1 receiver by default. In other words, Bryant is getting the attention of the opponent’s top corner.

Last year, this happened to Jeremy Maclin in Baltimore. The result was disastrous for the then-29-year-old, going for 40 catches and 440 yards in 12 games with three touchdowns. Maclin remains a free agent.

By continuing to wait, Bryant can latch on with a contender whether it be June or August on a one-year deal. In a perfect situation, Bryant ends up as the No. 2 receiver and feasts on inferior competition and cashes in come next spring.

Bryant might look like a fool right now for spurning sure money, but should the reasonable breaks go his way, it might end up being the correct call.

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