Lane Johnson rips into Patriots in ruthless rant

Philadelphia Eagles

Lane Johnson is an excellent right tackle and a very interesting Podcast guest. He went on an amazing rant against the Patriots this week.

It’s safe to say that Lane Johnson won’t be playing for Bill Belichick in New England anytime soon. The Eagles right tackle made his disdain for the Patriots very clear on a recent podcast with former wrestling icon Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Johnson was clear that he respects the success people like Belichick and Tom Brady have achieved during their time in New England, but he doesn’t appreciate the way they go about their business. In particular, Johnson doesn’t believe the “Patriot Way” is how everyone else is supposed to go about building a quality football team.

Johnson didn’t stop there. He went on a pretty wide-ranging rant about the team his Eagles defeated in Super Bowl LII. Interestingly, he accused New England’s owner and coaching staff of “talking s###” to their Eagles counterparts.

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time Johnson has expressed his dislike for the Patriots. Just after defeating New England in the Super Bowl Johnson made public comments about the lack of “fun” Patriots players have under Belichick. Specifically Johnson doesn’t think people have “a lot of fun” playing for the Pats.

It would be a shock if anyone associated with the Patriots dignified Johnson’s latest comments with any public response. Belichick and company prefer to get their revenge on the field. You can expect these comments to be featured prominently in the coach’s pre-game talk the next time the Patriots and Eagles collide.

The rivalry between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles wasn’t in need of any extra intrigue, but Lane Johnson added it anyway. Look for him to be a marked man the next time these franchises get together.

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