Terrell Suggs may be a little bit crazy

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It’s good for an NFL player to think highly of his skills. However, Terrell Suggs’ belief that he hasn’t hit his peak yet might be taking things too far.

There’s no arguing the fact that Terrell Suggs enjoyed an excellent 2017 season. He finished the year with 11 sacks and he made the Pro Bowl for the first time since 2013. However when Suggs tells Ravens fans that he hasn’t hit his physical peak yet it’s reasonable to ask whether or not Sizzle is a little bit crazy.

Suggs told season-ticket holders that he doesn’t think his peak is coming in the “near future.” That’s a bit hard to imagine given the fact that Suggs will turn 36 years old in October. At his age, it’s much more likely that he’s closer to retirement than reaching the apex of his career.

Suggs credits his recent attention to diet as the reason why he can keep playing at such a high level far into the future. He admits he didn’t pay too much attention to what he ate earlier in his career, but now he’s very concerned with the “fuel” he consumes. Diet and training can certainly help Suggs extend his career, but expecting him to play more than three or four more years would be madness.

It does appear, however, that Baltimore officials are comfortable with Suggs’ ability to play a big role for the team this year. They did not add any potential successors for Suggs via free agency or the draft.

That means that Suggs will be expected to produce another double-digit sack season for the Ravens defense. There isn’t any reason to expect he’ll slip very much. Other than missing almost all of 2015 due to injury he’s offered consistent pass rushing for the team. All in all, he’s provided seven seasons of double-digit sacks for Baltimore.

In the end, the man they call “Sizzle” might be a little crazy, but a lot of professional athletes are when it comes to evaluating their own careers. The Ravens will continue to count on Suggs until his body shows he isn’t capable of being an impact defender any longer.

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