Andrew Luck must be healthy for Colts to save face

Indianapolis Colts

If Andrew Luck doesn’t come back healthy this season, the reputation of the Indianapolis Colts may never recover in the minds of their fans.

The Indianapolis Colts have a credibility crisis with their fans. If Andrew Luck doesn’t come back healthy this season, the team’s passionate fan base may never trust them again.

Fortunately for everyone associated with the Colts, general manager Chris Ballard seems to understand the issue. He acknowledges that there is “still going to be doubt” about Luck until he looks healthy in a meaningful game.

At the same time, Ballard also says he’s enjoying the developing “chip” on Luck’s shoulder due to all the questions about his health. It’s hard to understand how Luck is turning this into a motivating issue for him. Everyone has legitimate reason to question his health.

The reality is the Colts told everyone that Luck was primed to return on multiple occasions last season. Those promises always turned out to be lies. Luck didn’t see the field for a single snap in 2017.

If you need even more reason to doubt Luck’s recovery, consider the fact that he hasn’t even thrown a ball yet this season. Ballard can tell everyone how healthy his star looks moving around, but throwing the ball is a pretty key trait for an NFL quarterback. It’s hard to really believe Luck is anywhere close to a return if he can’t at least play catch with his receivers.

In the end, the Colts could certainly end up with the last laugh here. If Luck experiences a full recovery and enjoys a productive 2018 season then no one will question the team any further. That’s far from a certainty though.

If, on the other hand, Luck misses a significant chunk of 2018 then fans are going to have a right to be upset with the team and its front office. Fans can understand the unpredictable nature of injuries, but the team has made too many promises about Luck already. If he doesn’t come back from injury this time, the team’s word on his status moving forward won’t be worth a thing.

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