NFL forces Josh Rosen to miss Cardinals practice

Arizona Cardinals

Josh Rosen is doing everything he can to win the Cardinals starting quarterback job. Unfortunately, the NFL is forcing him to miss practice.

Rosen made no secret of his desire to skip the event and stay with his team. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given that option. When he tried to decline the invitation to the NFLPA event he was informed by the league that he wouldn’t be permitted to practice with the Cardinals while the event was still in progress. Rookie participation in the event is made mandatory by a memo between the NFL and the NFLPA.

It’s an understandable policy from the league. They’re in the business of trying to grow their brand. Getting high-profile rookies in front of sponsors is good business. It offers companies a chance to forge relationships with potential stars before they really make it big.

On the other hand, it’s a bad deal for Rosen. He needs to do everything he can to get ready to play quarterback for the Cardinals this season. Sam Bradford will likely enter the year as the starter, but Rosen will only be one injury away from being thrust into the spotlight. Taking valuable reps away from him will make it more difficult for him to achieve success early in his career.

In the end, Rosen missing four days of voluntary workouts isn’t the end of the world. It is, however, something the NFL should look at changing in the future. Forcing a rookie to miss valuable practice time isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Especially not for a quarterback who’s trying to convince fans just how invested he is in the game of football.

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