Saquon Barkley thinks Odell Beckham Jr. is ‘very special’

New York Giants

Like it or not, Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. have become fast friends. Time will tell whether or not that’s a good or bad thing for the Giants.

Generally speaking, NFL teams appreciate it when their star veterans choose to take rookies under their wing. The New York Giants may be an exception. The close relationship between Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. could turn into a nightmare for Dave Gettleman and company.

Of course, there’s also a possibility that the competitive juices between the two could pay big dividends for the team. It’s really too early to tell how this will turn out for the Giants.

What we do know is that Barkley thinks Beckham Jr. is special. In fact, the rookie running back thinks the team’s star wide receiver is both a special player and a “very special” person. Fortunately for the team, part of Barkley’s admiration for Beckham Jr. comes from the way he prepared for every game. Hopefully that will rub off on Barkley as he attempts to rejuvenate the Giants offense.

The genesis of the relationship between the two players began before this year’s draft. Beckham Jr. went on record via social media that he wanted the Giants to take Barkley with the No. 2 pick. Now, the two apparently believe they somehow talked the pick into existence. Something tells me Dave Gettleman made the decision to draft Barkley without input from his star wide receiver.

It will be curious to see just how this friendship grows and evolves over time. It’s easy to get along before the two ever step on the field with one another. It’s a much different thing to be friends when touches are on the line. In some ways, Barkley and Beckham Jr. will compete for their respective roles in the Giants offense this season. Beckham Jr. may feel differently when Barkley is getting 30 carries a game for New York’s revamped offense.

Ultimately, Hard Knocks really missed an opportunity to film a preseason story about a beautiful friendship. The bond between Barkley and OBJ appears to be unbreakable. At least until the regular season begins.

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