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Packers fans worrying about the team’s near-term future at quarterback can relax. Aaron Rodgers wants to play with Green Bay well into his 40s.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t gotten the contract offer he wants from the Packers quite yet, but the prodigious quarterback doesn’t seem too concerned. He recently told the crowd at the Wisconsin High School Sports Awards that he wants to stay in Green Bay for a long time.

In fact, Rodgers told fans in attendance that he wants to “remain indispensable to this organization into my 40s.” Presumably, that means Rodgers doesn’t want to pattern the twilight of his Packers career like the quarterback who preceded him. Unlike Brett Favre, Rodgers wants to start and finish his career with the same franchise.

Now the pressure will shift on the Packers front office to make Rodgers’ dream a reality. The team already understands they’ll need to make their star the highest paid quarterback on the market with his next contract. That means he’ll need more than the $150 million Matt Ryan has the chance to receive with the Atlanta Falcons.

The real issue with the Packers will be how many years they are willing to offer Rodgers. He’s going to get a massive deal in terms of annual value. Green Bay’s front office might try to avoid giving the 34-year-old signal caller too many years.

Ultimately, the Packers really don’t have any leverage. They know that Rodgers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Rodgers and his representatives will maintain that he is still the best passer in the football.

If they fail to lock him down with a lucrative new contract there’s no doubt who public opinion will favor. Packers fans will come out in droves of support of their franchise quarterback. The team’s front office would take a bloodbath in the court of public opinion.

In the end, expect Aaron Rodgers to play quarterback in Green Bay for just about as long as he still wants to do it. If he wants to play well into his 40s, expect the team to grant him that opportunity.

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