J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson keep pushing one another

Houston Texans

Neither J.J. Watt or Deshaun Watson was healthy this summer, but that didn’t stop the two Texans stars from competing against one another.

Recovering from a serious injury is a long and tedious process for any professional athlete. Fortunately for Texans stars J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson, they had one another to work out with during their convalescence.

Not surprisingly, that ended up with both players competing against one another to rebab as quickly as possible. That’s the logical outcome when you put two intensely competitive people in close quarters for an extended period of time. The joke around Texans camp is that the two stars spent more time with one another than their respective families this summer.

Watson is quick to point out that both players have the same mental mindset despite playing very different positions. He told reporters that both he and Watt “view every day as an opportunity to get better,” according to Pro Football Talk. Each of the talented Texans claims to grind every day like they are in last place.

Of course, Texans fans are hoping that the return of both Watt and Watson will help their favorite avoid finishing in last place this season. Both players seem to be on schedule in their rehabs at the moment. Watson has been able to participate in some aspects of the team’s OTAs this week. Watt has been an observer, but the important thing is that both plan to be full participants for Houston when the Texans’ minicamp begins.

Don’t be surprised if the Texans’ training staff tries to reign that in just a bit. Watt, in particular, has nothing to prove in preseason other than his health. It’s very likely the team will try to rest him periodically to make sure he enters the regular season in tip-top shape.

Watson hasn’t accomplished nearly as much in his career, but it’s not as if he’s under pressure from Brandon Weeden for the starting job. The best thing he can do for his offense is start Week One in perfect health.

If both stars are able to play healthy seasons it’s going to drastically raise the Texans’ ceiling for the year. Houston is in a position to benefit greatly from the return of their best player on each side of the ball.

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