Terrell Owens Madden cover announcement begins annual hype for game

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Madden hype season is officially kicked off with the announcement that Terrell Owens will be featured on the cover of Madden 19’s Hall of Fame edition.

Gamers highly anticipate the release of EA Sports Madden NFL every year, and the buzz around Madden 19 should be no less significant. Those appetites were whetted on Friday, May 25 when EA announced its selection for the cover of the 2019 premium version of the game.

The Hall of Fame edition of Madden, which comes with exclusive in-game benefits and merchandise, has seen some of the greatest NFL icons ever on its covers in the past like Coach John Madden himself and running back Marshall Faulk. In 2018, New England Patriots quarterback graced the cover of both the standard version and what EA dubbed the “G.O.A.T. Edition.” For 2019, EA has chosen Owens, and done so with a choice that might stir some discussion among fans.

Owens did have three statistically-successful seasons in Dallas, and it’s undeniable that the Cowboys have stronger brand power than any of the other four franchises Owens suited up for during his career. Still, Owens made his only Super Bowl appearance for the Philadelphia Eagles, who are just coming off winning their first-ever Super Bowl title. Depicting Owens as an Eagle might have represented an opportunity to capitalize on that moment.

Owens also spent half of his career and made his rise to prominence as a San Francisco 49er. Fans who may argue that Owens should have been depicted in either of those uniforms instead of Cowboys garb can make solid arguments, but they have to remember that EA is looking to sell as many copies of the game as possible and nothing in the NFL sells like the Cowboys.

Regardless of which uniform Owens was depicted in, the announcement of a cover athlete for Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition should heighten the anticipation for the release of the game for another year.

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