Eagles fan wears Carson Wentz jersey at his wedding

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in February, and this fan decided that after winning a bet with his now-wife, he would go full fan at his wedding.

We love fans here at … FanSided. Yeah, the name gives that secret away. There’s nothing better than your team winning, because it allows you, a grown adult, to act like an insane person. Nobody is going to judge you. Apparently, not even your soon-to-be bride.

Prior to Super Bowl LII, Jennifer Sullivan bet her now-husband, Patrick Hanks, that the Eagles would lose to the New England Patriots. If they didn’t, Hanks could wear his Wentz jersey during their wedding ceremony. We all know how that played out.

The Eagles won (ironically without Wentz), and Hanks went for broke. During the ceremony, Hanks pulled his Wentz jersey out of the bushes and pulled it over his head while the guests shouted and the team’s fight song played on, per VICE Sports.

This is an all-timer, and Sullivan gets major props here as well. How many women would allow this sort of behavior during their wedding day? Not many.

Of course, it also has to be mentioned that this helps the Eagles’ fans and their case in our Fandom 250 rankings. Last year, Philadelphia checked in at a robust 124th in terms of any fanbase in the world, ranking 10th among the NFL. Hanks’ actions will help their cause, because only a dedicated maniac (and we say that lovingly) would don something like this on the biggest day of his life.

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