Dez Bryant should wait for an injury before selecting a new NFL team

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Dez Bryant never expected to be unemployed for this long. Now, he should wait for a big name receiver to suffer an injury before signing with a new team.

At this point, it’s very clear that Dez Bryant has overplayed his free agent hand. He expected tons of interest after being released by the Cowboys, but that hasn’t actually materialized. Bryant turned down one offer from the Baltimore Ravens, but no other concrete offers have been reported.

The good news for Bryant is that, per Ian Rapoport, the wideout has “received several calls from teams wanting to sign him.” That still doesn’t mean Bryant is close to signing on with a new team. He is still holding out for the perfect situation.

Bryant is adamant that he wants to a sign a one-year deal for a team that can hand him a featured role. That way, he can get back out onto the free agent market next summer. The logic is easy to follow, but it might be a bit too optimistic.

At any rate, Bryant has painted himself into a bit of a corner at this point. There aren’t really any teams desperately searching for wide receiver help at this point in the preseason. Any team that might be has likely already contacted Bryant and been rejected.

That only leaves Bryant with one course of action to pursue: He needs to wait patiently for a big name wide receiver to go down with an injury. That’s really the only way the former Cowboys star is going to get what he wants at this point.

That’s quite a fall for a wide receiver who made the Pro Bowl back in 2016. It remains to be seen whether or not Bryant can humble himself to the point necessary to really contribute for another team. He has to understand that he doesn’t have the speed to be a number one wide receiver at this point in his career.

All that’s left for Bryant to do now is sit and wait. Expect him to jump at the chance to replace the first high quality wide receiver who suffers a significant injury during training camp.

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