Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers tries to clarify contract rumors

Green Bay Packers

Rumors are flying about what sort of contract Aaron Rodgers wants from the Packers, and the talented quarterback is trying to set the record straight.

It’s safe to say Aaron Rodgers isn’t a fan of all the media conjecture about his contract negotiations with the Green Bay Packers. Rumors have been flying about his desire to insert one or more player options in his next contract with the team. The talented quarterback didn’t outright deny those reports, but he did point out that he isn’t talking publicly about any of his negotiations with the Packers.

Rodgers told The Milwaukee Sentinel that he doesn’t believe his agent is talking to anyone about the negotiations either. As such, anything that’s been reported lately must be media conjecture. It’s pretty clear Rodgers’ criticism was aimed at recent reports claiming he wants options in his new deal that would allow him to leave Green Bay.

He said a lot about his disdain for the press, but it’s worth noting he didn’t offer anything of substance about what is really going on with his current contract talks. If he isn’t actually interested in securing a player option, he had a perfect chance to dispel the notion in public today. It’s very telling that he chose not to address those “accusations” directly.

Ultimately, the best way Rodgers can silence rumors is to actually sign a new deal with the Packers. It’s widely acknowledged that Green Bay is willing to make him the highest paid quarterback in football. Money shouldn’t be a big sticking point in negotiations. If animosity does creep into contract talks, it’s likely going to center around the length of the deal or the possible inclusion of opt-out clauses.

Green Bay would be well served to negotiate hard on those points. Paying Rodgers a lot of money for the way he’s playing right now isn’t a concern for the team. Committing a large chunk of their salary cap to Rodgers when he enters his 40s would be a much larger risk.

If the Packers and Rodgers don’t come to an agreement, it would represent a pretty big failure for both parties. Expect cooler heads to prevail here eventually. Media reports may continue to grate Rodgers, but he has no one to blame but himself for giving people the room to speculate.

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