Every NFL team’s best hypothetical Fortnite player

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the world’s most popular video games. It is also a hit with NFL players. Let’s hypothesize each team’s best Fortnite player based on their style of play on the field.

Fortnite is taking over the world. As it grows in popularity, more and more athletes are trying their hand at the popular battle royale-style game. If you don’t know what it is, let me break it down for you.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a 100 person “last-player-standing” online video game. In each match, 100 random players enter a large map filled with weapons, advantages, building supplies, etc. The players compete against each other until there is a single player left. This player earns a “victory royale.”

If you play the game, you know how exhilarating this can be. The game has become a form of competition for those who can’t get enough of competing.

NFL players are no strangers to the game. Many players have hopped aboard the battle bus and dropped in to the world of Fortnite. Some are actually pretty decent at the game, most notably Juju Smith-Shcuster and JJ Watt, among others.

While we could break down which players on each team are actually the best Fortnite players, that would be measurable and far less fun. We’re going to look at which NFL players would be the best at Fortnite, given their skills and attributes on the field. Let’s dive in.

Arizona Cardinals – Larry Fitzgerald

The veteran. Fitzgerald has seen more than almost everyone in the game and at this point, he gets by on knowledge as much as he does on skill. The combination of both makes him an elite player.

In Fortnite, Fitzgerald is that one friend who has been playing since the game’s beginning. He knows the map like the back of his hand, can tell you were all the chests are and is always talking about “the old map” and the “original submachine gun.”

Fitzgeralds knowledge on the playing field and the game’s history is worth keeping him on your squad, but the fact that he’s still producing is even more impressive.

In 2017, he led his Cardinals with 1,156 recieving yards and six touchdowns as a 34 year-old. Fitzgerald also had to deal with an injury to Carson Palmer in 2017 that left him in a less-than-stellar back-up quarterback situation. Still, he found a way to be productive.

In Fortnite, when your best squad member can’t play because their significant other needs attention they are suffering from an injury, it’s hard to catch those W’s. Having a player like Fitzgerald on your squad makes anything possible.

While it’s pretty clear he can’t get a solo win to save his life (this is starting to sound too familiar) Fitzgerald is the ultimate squad player. He’ll make sure everyone out there is shielded up, locked and loaded enough to at least compete in every game.

Favorite skin: You know Larry is rocking the originals. He’s decked out in this Blue Squire skin that you don’t even comprehend because you weren’t playing yet when it was around.

Go-to weapon: Larry is a classing “AR” guy. Simple, effective and efficient, just like him.

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