Terrell Owens can still run like an NFL star (Video)

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Former NFL wide receiver and 2018 Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens can still run, but it’s not lack of talent that’s keeping him out of the NFL.

When you’re 44 years old, it’s tough to convince people you can still be a professional athlete. When you’re 44 years old and have an attitude problem, there’s a zero percent chance you can convince anyone you’re worth taking a look at. That’s not going to stop Terrell Owens from trying though.

TO is, was, and always will be a diva. He again shined the spotlight on himself on social media by posting a video of himself doing a 40-yard dash.


At the end of the run, two men held up their respective times, which were .01 seconds off. One had him at 4.44 and the other 4.43. The fact that TO can still do that at 44 is amazing.

There’s one problem. Even with those times, not a single NFL will even consider to bring in TO to camp. The answer to that is simple. He’s toxic and you don’t want to bring him into your locker room.

His antics on the field and sidelines speak for themselves. However, when you add to that TO ditching the Hall of Fame, why would anyone even consider TO?

No one will doubt his ability. In fact, he might be able to be a productive part of a roster given the shape he is in. He’s just not worth the headache and the extra Advil you will need to cure the headache he brings.

Posting this video also shows how his lack of self-awareness is a problem too. He doesn’t understand it’s not just his lack of talent keeping him out. When you’re young and ascending, a lot more will be tolerated. If there was a way to calculate his chances as being less than zero percent of getting back in the league, I’d use it, but there isn’t. So, his chances are a big fat zero.

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