Baker Mayfield ROASTS Colin Cowherd on Twitter

Cleveland Browns

Colin Cowherd is paid by Fox to have a lot of controversial opinions. It’s safe to say that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t a fan.

It’s pretty obvious that Colin Cowherd isn’t a big fan of the Cleveland Browns’ decision to take Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. It’s also very obvious that Mayfield isn’t too concerned with Cowherd’s evaluation of his skills as an NFL quarterback.

Specifically, Cowherd doesn’t believe Mayfield is an impressive enough athlete to go first. The former Sooners’ signal caller certainly isn’t the biggest rookie quarterback in the NFL, but it’s hard to argue with his production at the college level. He certainly was a big winner during his days at Oklahoma.

Even so, Cowherd isn’t the only pundit who thinks Mayfield lacks the size, speed and arm strength to become an NFL star. He may be the only one who’s willing to keep beating the drum at this point. He took to Twitter to take a curiously timed shot at the Browns rookie.

Predictably, Mayfield wasn’t willing to let it fly by without a response. He didn’t take any direct shots at Cowherd, but he did refer to him as “bud.” That’s not exactly the most respectful term available in the English language. Some might construe it was a way of talking down to the FOX media personality. Given Mayfield’s questionable decision-making in the past that seems like a fair bet.

No matter what, this debate isn’t going to be solved anytime soon. Tyrod Taylor has already won the starting job in Cleveland which means Mayfield will be on the bench for the foreseeable future. He might get some meaningful game time later in the year, but it likely won’t happen before the Browns are formally eliminated from playoff contention.

Don’t be surprised if Mayfield and Cowherd find a way to make headlines before then though. Both really enjoy their share of the spotlight. Keep an eye on both twitter accounts as the season approaches.

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