Randall Cobb’s injury shouldn’t make Packers worry

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb is currently dealing with an ankle injury. Luckily enough for both him and the team it does not appear this will force him to miss week one of the upcoming season.

If you are a Green Bay Packers fan you can let out a sigh of relief. Wide receiver Randall Cobb‘s current ankle injury will not cause him to miss the start of the upcoming NFL season.

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While he will be dealing with this injury for the remainder of his offseason, it will not effect him come Week 1. It was reported by Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Cobb is currently being forced to wear a walking boot on his right foot, but it is apparently “temporary.”

Even with this injury looming, Cobb was on the field during the team’s recent mandatory minicamp, a sign that it is not anything major. Cobb has just over a month to rest this injury until he has to report to the first day of training camp on July 27. This should be an adequate amount of time for Cobb’s ankle to recover, with the worst case scenario being he has to be slowly integrated into team activities at the start of camp.

It is of paramount importance that the team does rush Cobb back and make this injury worse than it currently is. With the departure of long-time Packer Jordy Nelson, the team’s receiving core is rather thin. This lack of depth makes it vital to the team’s offensive success that the team’s two best receivers, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams, remain healthy.

After those two players the team’s talent at the position falls off a cliff. It would be devastating to the team if Cobb were to miss time and force them to find a replacement for him while they are already trying to find a reliable third receiver. Luckily enough for all parties involved, it does not appear that will be a problem the Packers are forced for worry about.

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