Jameis Winston could face a one-year ban for a second offense

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Jameis Winston was suspended for three games for groping an Uber driver, but he could face a banishment from the NFL for a second offense.

Back in March of 2016 while in Scottsdale, Arizona Winston allegedly groped his Uber driver. Earlier this week, the NFL decided to suspend Winston for three games at the start of the 2018 season. Under the Personal Conduct Policy, Winston’s offense called for a six-game suspension. However, he escaped with half of that, only facing three games after pleading guilty.

A new wrinkle has unfolded as the Buccaneers quarterback could face a year-long ban for a second offense. What is unknown to most is that this is not the second but third time that Winston has been accused of sexual assault. Two separate women came forward with accusations occurring during Winston’s time at Florida State. Perhaps the ban should go into effect now, not the mere three-game suspension.

Regardless, the rules clearly state that a second offense results in an “automatic” banishment from the league. After one year, the player can apply for reinstatement, but it us up to the NFL to make that decision. As evidenced by Aldon Smith, there is no guarantee for reinstatement.

This situation is another example of how poor the NFL is at handling suspensions. There is no consistency with the suspensions handed out by the NFL, as proven by the Ezekiel Elliot saga from last season. Now, Winston is really skating on thin ice, as if he wasn’t already.

Winston’s offense is still up in the air as to which category of the policy it falls into. Regardless, with all of the drama surrounding their “franchise” quarterback, the Bucs should seriously consider moving in a different direction. Unless some major life changes occur, this may not be the last time Winston finds himself in trouble.

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