Each NFL team’s most famous fan


The NFL is regarded as the most popular sport in North America, and while the league has millions of fans worldwide, some are more famous than others.

Fandom comes in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to the NFL, the league has some of the most high profile fans out there. From former presidents, to major movie stars, each team has their own fans that are more than just well-known.

As we take a look inside the most famous celebrity fan for each team, some are downright shocking, but the reasons for the fandom are legit. We will start with the Arizona Cardinals, whose most famous fan may be the most famous senator of all-time.

Arizona Cardinals: John McCain

John McCain is mostly known for being a leader for the Republican Party, as well as a man who has been the Senator for Arizona for the last 30-plus years. In addition to everything he has done on Capital Hill, McCain also is known for his fandom, as he is the most famous celebrity fan of the Arizona Cardinals.

Being a Cardinals fan makes sense, as McCain has represented Arizona so nicely during his time serving the public. Unfortunately, McCain has fallen on hard times when it comes to his health, but that has not stopped the Cardinals from showing him the kind of love that he has shown the organization all these years.

McCain is currently in his cabin in Arizona, as he deals with cancer, and arguably the most famous Cardinal of them all has come and visited him. Not only has Larry Fitzgerald made the trip to visit McCain, he also penned a very nice letter to him around Christmas time that showed just how much he means to the organization.

The Senator has been at games and practices, and he has even debated the Cardinals greatness in Congress, battling Minnesota Vikings fan Al Frankel. At 81 years old, he has seen it all with this franchise, and his love for the team runs deep.

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