NFL playoff odds released for all 32 teams, and they’re a doozy


Which NFL team will net bettors a nice pay day this season? Which ones will make them want to swear off betting altogether? Here are your odds.

Which NFL team has the best chances at competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season?

Thanks to OddsShark, we have the cheat sheet on which teams to place those bets on.

OddShark finally tweeted out the betting odds to an anxious group of gamblers, some of whom are looking at padding their pockets, while others are looking for a rebound from what was, in their eyes, a disastrous 2017 season.

Who would have ever put money on the Jacksonville Jaguars making the playoffs? Here’s the answer to that — no one.

That’s what makes the odds the odds. The name of the game, to the non-gamblers (the goody-two-shoes), is to beat those odds, and it’s tough to beat em’ if you don’t play em’, right?


It’s also pretty hard to beat the odds if you don’t even know what they are. That’s just common sense. So, how did the betting world react when the odds were finally released? Well, here’s a Twitter snapshot of that reaction.

So, I guess we’re all on board with calling these odds mixed.

Judging from the post, it really seems like the Jaguars continue to get disrespected by the Vegas Betting Gods. Maybe they’re not used to Jacksonville being a contender? That’s completely understandable, but does that mean that you should take your eyes off of Sacksonville?

That’s the beauty of betting. You put your hard-earned money on a team no one would ever think would get to a game of the Super Bowl, and watch as your bank account grow.

Then again, you could be the person on the other side of the door, crying in the dark about throwing caution to the wind on the Arizona Cardinals.

Like I said, It’s all in the odds, baby.

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