Tom Brady takes no prisoners in family dodgeball

New England Patriots

Tom Brady keeps his arm fresh and his legs moving in an intense game of family dodgeball.

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Those are the five D’s you need to know to be successful in dodgeball. Unless you’re playing against Tom Brady. Then you must know a sixth D. Don’t anger Tom.

What may have started as a fun family outing turned into a full blown war between the Brady bunch. Even his mother, who just celebrated her 74th birthday, wasn’t safe.

Despite the presence and children and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Brady insists that face shots are legal and no crying is allowed under his rules.

Tom breaks the second rule in the video above. After getting hit with a ball, he cries foul, claiming the throw had her foot over the line. Don’t worry, Brady fans, Touchdown Tom would extract his revenge on this poor woman.

Another video shows Brady exhibiting his pinpoint accuracy, looking off the defender before zipping the ball right at the camera.

The New England Patriots quarterback is known for his intensity on the field. It’s clear from these videos that he carries that intensity to any competition he participates in. I would hate to the guy next to him at a potential Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

While Brady may have the arm to get his opponents out, he’s an easy target himself. His mobility is limited and if you throw the ball at his hands, chances are he won’t catch it.


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