Charles Barkley blasts Terrell Owens for HOF decision


Charles Barkley occasionally takes it upon himself to be the sheriff of sports. That’s why he’s taking Terrell Owens to task about his HOF decision.

Terrell Owens isn’t going to attend his Hall of Fame Ceremony in person and Charles Barkley isn’t happy about it. He believes the former Cowboys and Eagles wide receiver is being “selfish” by skipping out on Canton.

Instead, Owens is planning to attend a ceremony at his college alma mater. Instead of celebrating with his HOF class in Ohio, he’ll be honored on his own at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Expect that to be a tasteful, understated affair.

Evidently, Owens’ decision to skip the ceremony stems from the fact that he wasn’t elected as a first ballot Hall of Famer. The controversial wideout admitted to Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson that he would have made the trip if he had been elected on the first go around. Dickerson is inclined to give Owens a pass based on that logic. Barkley, however, is not.

The former Auburn star makes the point that being elected to the Hall of Fame is not strictly a personal honor. Instead, Barkley believes it’s a tribute to everyone who helped you achieve success along the way. In other words, Owens decision to selfishly skip the ceremony is serving to rob everyone who’s supported him over the years the chance to experience their day in the sun.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Owens isn’t thinking along those lines. He has a long history of selfish decisions that have served to obscure his brilliant career on the field. It’s sad that most people think of his off-field antics first, and his amazing skill as a wide receiver second whenever his name is brought up.

Barkley may not be the right guy to take Owens to task, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s right on the money. Owens’ latest stunt is right on theme for a player who has always placed his own needs and wants far above anything else.

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