Joe Buck will continue to torment NFL fans for years to come


NFL fans hoping to hear a new voice on Fox’s No. 1 broadcast team are set to be disappointed. Joe Buck has signed a three-year extension.

More than a few NFL fans would love for Joe Buck and Fox to come to a mutually parting of ways. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the case. Buck has signed a three-year contract extension with Fox that will keep on him NFL broadcasts for the next five seasons.

As a part of the new deal, Buck will also continue to work the World Series for the foreseeable future. No fans of major U.S. sports are safe from Buck’s grating voice and inane ramblings. He’ll victimize baseball and football fans equally moving forward.

For what it’s worth, Buck claims he isn’t bothered by the beating he takes on social media. He believes negative comments on places like Twitter and Facebook are becoming “less and less” important as time goes by.

He jokingly quipped that the only Twitter account he’s worried about reading is that of Fox Sports president Eric Shanks.

Perhaps fans who want to see a change in the announcing teams working their favorite sporting events should direct their comments directly to Shanks on social media. At any rate, it’s disappointing that Buck doesn’t seem to listen to fan criticism.

There’s no reason for him to lose himself in the depths of Twitter trolls, but ignoring fan comments entirely seems like a poor decision for such a public figure.

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No matter how loud the outcries on social media get, it’s not going to get Buck off the television anytime soon. Fox clearly has a lot of faith in his ability to work at a high level. He’ll continue to be a big part of the biggest moments in U.S. sports for at least the next five years.

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