Best throwback jersey each NFL fan should buy


There is nothing quite like a nice throwback jersey, and for each NFL fan, their favorite team has one you just have to own.

Over the course of each NFL team’s history, they are bound to change their uniforms. Whether you are the Green Bay Packers, or the New England Patriots, every team has changed the way they look at one time or another.

In this piece, we take a look at one throwback jersey each NFL fan should have, because new is not always better. Some of these jerseys go back over 50 years, and for some organization, they should have just left well enough alone.

Here is one throwback jersey each NFL fan should buy.

Arizona Cardinals – Pat Tillman

The Arizona Cardinals have only be known by that name since 1994, as they began their franchise in Chicago. Over the course of the history of the organization, they have changed their look on numerous occasions, but since becoming the Cardinals, they have tried to stick to the same color scheme.

During the days of guys like Jake Plummer and Pat Tillman, the Cardinals uniform was pretty bland, but also memorable. The white jersey with the red lettering matched their white helmets, and in 1989, they added the state flag to the sleeves. The1988 season was their first in Arizona after being in St. Louis for 28 years.

There were many all-time Cardinals who played for the team during this era, and every Cardinals fan should own at least one Pat Tillman jersey. They have completely changed this look since the late 1980s, but it is one of the sharpest, and cleanest uniforms in the history of an organization that dates back before 1900.

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