5 reasons the New York Giants reach playoffs in 2018

New York Giants

The New York Giants were one of the NFL’s most disappointing teams last year, this year, they seem poised for a return to the postseason.

Last year, the Giants were toted to be one of the best teams in the NFL. With talented pass-catchers Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram, Eli Manning was supposed to have plenty of weapons. Combine that with a defense coming off of a phenomenal season, they were ready to take the NFL over.

Next thing the Giants knew, injuries, poor coaching, and locker room trouble derailed their season. As one of last year’s biggest disappointments, they will be looking to rebound his year. Here are 5 reasons why that will happen.

5. Potential defensive resurgence

Let’s start by saying this. When referring to a defensive resurgence, by no means does that include Eli Apple. No Eli Apple.

Nonetheless, the Giants still have a lot of the key pieces from their 2016 defense. That team had the second-best defense in football. The only reason that they weren’t the best defense was because of how exceptionally good the Broncos pass defense was. After signing Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, and Janoris Jenkins to big contracts that offseason helped them have that performance.

That defense helped carry the 22nd-best offense to the playoffs. Those three pieces are still on the defense, as is Landon Collins. Together, if they all come back to have the majority of the form that they held in 2016, they can lead this defense to another top 10 finish after its 24th place finish last year.

To help them in the pursuit of a top defensive finish, James Bettcher has some new toys to incorporate into the team. The acquisition of Alec Ogletree gives the Giants another tackler in the middle of the field. He’s made 80+ tackles three different times in his career and can replicate that in his role with the Giants.

With Damon Harrison, he will lead the run-stopping efforts. Then there is third-round pick Lorenzo Carter who has looked very good this summer. After finishing with the third-worst adjusted sack rate, the Giants will be hoping that Carter can help them get after the quarterback so their corners don’t have to cover for as long.

The Giants could definitely see their defense rise back up again this year.

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