Falcons still don’t know how to use Julio Jones in the red zone

Atlanta Falcons

This may be the first week of the 2018 season but some things never change. For example, the Falcons still can’t use Julio Jones at the goal line.

The Falcons have pierced the red zone twice against the Eagles in the first quarter. They’ve only managed to earn three points in those two trips. Steve Sarkisian and company still can’t figure out how to get Julio Jones in the end zone.

Predictably, NFL fans on twitter are amused by Atlanta’s ineffectiveness. After all, it seems like Jones should be the idea receiver to catch touchdowns near the goal line. He is big, fast and has a great pair of hands. Matt Ryan should be able to find him with relative ease.

For whatever reason, that never seems to happen for Sarkisian’s offense. Perhaps the Falcons’ offensive coordinator should take to twitter to learn what he’s doing wrong.

The good news is not everyone believes this issue is solely Sarkisian’s fault.

On the other hand, getting Jones on the field during scoring situations seems like a pretty good plan. He might have been a little gassed after burning off energy early, but surely he could have come back in after multiple plays on the sideline.

You can be certain Terrell Owens never would have stood for this sort of treatment.

Fantasy owners who spent a high draft pick on Jones definitely have an issue with the Falcons game plan.

At least fans are still optimistic about the number of yards Jones can rack up this season. Can you go to the Pro Bowl with just one touchdown though?

The situation is equally as baffling for people who don’t play fantasy football. Although those fans seem to be a lot calmer.

No matter who you’re supporting in this game, it’s a fact that the Falcons have to learn how to use Jones when they get into the red zone. He’s too talented to leave on the sideline in crucial situations.

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Whether or not Sarkisian can figure this out quickly might be the determining factor over whether or not he can keep his job. There are certainly a lot of coaches out there who would love the opportunity to throw to Jones in the red zone.

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