10 matchups to attack in Week 4

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Week three saw shocking upsets and dominant performances. What matchups should present the biggest points in Week 4?

This week we get the rise of rookies, great receiver matchups and everything in between. As we near the 25% mark for the season, what matchups should you attack this week?

10. Baker Mayfield vs Oakland

It’s finally Baker time in Cleveland. Mayfield’s legend only grew stronger last Thursday after leading the Browns back against the Jets for the first win in 635 days. That’s not a typo. The fridges are open!

I think this is a fun matchup this week. Mayfield is owned in just 34% of ESPN leagues and has a 2.9% start rate still. So he’s likely available in your league this very second.

So why does Mayfield intrigue me this week? Mayfield fits exactly what the Browns need and finally the Browns see this.

The Raiders have struggled against the pass this year and gave up nearly 300 yards to go with three touchdowns in the loss this week. Who benefits most from Mayfield under center? Jarvis Landry. Look at last Thursday’s win. Landry went from a slow first half to 100 yards in a flash.

9. Lions D vs Dallas

The Cowboys are struggling at every level. Take it from my best friend, “Scott Linehan should be left off the plane to find his own way home” after last week. Ouch.

The Cowboys offense has absolutely no rhythm. Fans are upset with Dak. Fans are upset with the passing attack. Fans want more out of Zeke. It’s a mess.

The Lions and Matt Patricia are coming off an all-important win over the Patriots on Sunday in which they didn’t let Tom Brady find any rhythm or anyone in that offense for that matter. The Lions rhythm, however, they might be finding it now and I think that defense takes another step against the Cowboys, they’re a great play this week.

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