Seahawks won’t trade Earl Thomas for less than second-round pick

Seattle Seahawks

A new report says that the Seattle Seahawks are ‘stuck’ on a second-round pick for star safety Earl Thomas. It’s fair compensation for a player who’s still elite at his position.

Adam Schefter took time out from reporting about who’s in and out in Week 4 of the NFL schedule to send a report about Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. He says that the Seahawks are ‘stuck’ on a second-round pick as compensation for their star defensive player.

This makes sense. Earl Thomas is still one of the best safeties in the NFL. A second-round pick isn’t a guarantee, but Thomas is.

The report says that the Dallas Cowboys offered a second-round pick prior to the season, but the Seahawks wanted more from them. The report claims it was because the teams played in Week 3, but I think it has more to do with the fact that Thomas asked the Cowboys to “come get me” last year. That embarrassed the ‘Hawks, forcing them in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The Cowboys theoretically could offer that same second-round pick now, since the two teams have gotten past their game on the schedule. However, the Cowboys may be facing the reality that they aren’t a very good team. Adding Thomas will not fix their sputtering offense and the issues with Dak Prescott.

The report says the Kansas City Chiefs are also asking about Thomas, but aren’t willing to part with a second-round pick. That’s a mistake, because this defense is not the same without Eric Berry, and he hasn’t been around for two seasons. With a new report saying that he has an Achilles deformity, that’s not good news for his future with the team. Thomas would immediately fill that role, and if Berry returns his season they could easily make that work.

Thomas has been allegedly missing practices, and when he does show up he takes parts of it off. He’s looking for a new contract, but it seems like he’s taken the culture of Seattle a little too far. The Seahawks look like their on the cusp of a rebuild. Trading Thomas could be the final move to going full-blown rebuild.

Thomas is worth a second-round pick. That much is obvious. If he goes to the right team, he could be a game-changer if he goes to a contender.

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