This Browns fan is paying the ultimate price for an 0-16 season


A Cleveland Browns fan bet that his team would win a game last year — which didn’t happen and now he’s paying his debt.

Betting on sports is something we all do, and losing that bet is something we also all do at least a handful of times in our lives. Stakes are already high when it comes to rooting for teams we love, but some fans push all of their chips to the center of the table in an effort ot have their cake and eat it too.

For one Cleveland Browns fan, that cake was of the wedding variety but he’s not eating anything but his pride.

This fan didn’t buy into the anti-hype of last season that the Browns weren’t going to win a game all year. In fact, he was so confident that he bet on his team to win at least one game — just a single game — because to him the idea of a winless season was so outrageous. After all, going 0-16 is so astronomically bad and is about as impossible to predict as saying a team will go undefeated.

Low and behold, the Browns did not win a single game last season and now this fan has to pay his debts.

Like the true fan he is, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

To pay off his debt, he’s going to spend all Sunday walking around FirstEnergy Stadium in a wedding dress. While he would seem out of place anywhere else in the world right now, he’s at home with his fellow Browns fans who probably thought the same thing he did but don’t have to wear a veil of shame.


Each year, FanSided looks for the best fans in the world both as a collective and as individuals. This guy single handily checks both boxes, as he represents true Browns fandom to the hilt while also displaying his passion as the Fan Of The Year.

While he may be wearing a dress to repent for sins of last season, at least this guy and Browns fans everywhere can look forward to a bright future ahead with the likes of Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett changing the culture.

And hey, the finally got him that win — a year too late.


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