Of course Patrick Mahomes believes Travis Kelce is the NFL’s best tight end

Kansas City Chiefs

It is no surprise that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes believes his tight end Travis Kelce is the best.

When Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked where he would rank his tight end Travis Kelce, was he supposed to say anything other than No. 1? Of course not.

For a few years now, it’s been a popular debate: Is Kelce the best tight end in football, or is it New England Patriots quarterback Rob Gronkowski?

The debate is endless. Patriots fans believe Gronkowski is the best, Chiefs fans believe Kelce is the best, and the general consensus among neutral fans is usually pretty even (although Gronkowski probably gets the nudge most of the time because he’s been in the league longer, he plays with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and has a couple of Super Bowl rings).

But is Mahomes, who plays with Kelce and is around him every day, supposed to consider his tight end anything other than the best in the league? No way. Kelce has earned the right to be considered the best, especially by his own teammates.

“On my list, I would rank Kelce the best tight end in football,” Mahomes said on a conference call with New England media, according to NESN.com. “I know Gronk has been a great tight end for a long time, but I mean, I haven’t gotten to play with Gronk.

“I’ve played with Kelce, and I’ve never seen anyone be able to do the things that he’s done.”

That’s all that needs to be said, and it makes complete sense. If you ask Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, he would probably say he believes his tight end is the best.

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It’s a debate that probably won’t be settled any time soon, and it doesn’t really need to be settled. All we need to know is that when the Patriots and Chiefs square off on Sunday.

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