NFL power rankings, Week 9: Seahawks rise, Buccaneers fall

NFL Power Rankings


Buffalo Bills 2-6

Last week: L, 25-6 vs. NE
Last rank: 32nd

It’s all about 2019 and forward for this group.


Oakland Raiders 1-6

Last week: L, 42-28 vs. IND
Last rank: 31st

This couldn’t be more of a disaster.


San Francisco 49ers 1-7

Last week: L, 18-15 at AZ
Last rank: 30th

The 49ers are just playing out the string… again.


New York Giants 1-7

Last week: L, 20-13 vs. WSH
Last rank: 28th

No team miscalculated what it had more this summer than the Giants.


Cleveland Browns 2-5-1

Last week: L, 33-18 at PIT
Last rank: 26th

At least they fired Hue.


Arizona Cardinals 2-6

Last week: W, 18-15 vs. SF
Last rank: 29th

Josh Rosen plays well when he isn’t under mass pressure.


Denver Broncos 3-5

Last week: L, 30-123 at KC
Last rank: 25th

And just like that, the season is over.


New York Jets 3-5

Last week: L, 24-10 at CHI
Last rank: 24th

The defense is good, but Sam Darnold and the offense are not.


Indianapolis Colts 3-5

Last week: W, 42-28 at OAK
Last rank: 27th

The Colts might end up wining the AFC South.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-4

Last week: L, 37-34 at CIN
Last rank: 22nd

The Buccaneers did the right thing by moving Jameis Winston to the bench.


Jacksonville Jaguars 3-5

Last week: L, 24-18 vs. PHI
Last rank: 21st

Another loss, another underwhelming offensive showing.


Tennessee Titans 3-4

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 23rd

Tennessee has to show something out of its bye week, or it’s time to start thinking about Marcus Mariota’s future.


Miami Dolphins 4-4

Last week: L, 42-23 at HOU
Last rank: 18th

After starting 3-0, it’s been a quick trip to oblivion.


Dallas Cowboys 3-4

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 20th

The Cowboys are somehow in the mix for the NFC East, but they must beat Tennessee.


Atlanta Falcons 3-4

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 19th

Atlanta might be the most dangerous 3-4 team in history.


Detroit Lions 3-4

Last week: L, 28-14 vs. SEA
Last rank: 16th

After losing at home to Seattle, it’s hard to picture a playoff team here.


Chicago Bears 4-3

Last week: W, 24-10 vs. NYJ
Last rank: 17th

If Mitchell Trubisky could throw the ball, the Bears would be a contender.


Baltimore Ravens 4-4

Last week: L, 36-21 at CAR
Last rank: 11th

The best defense in the league doesn’t matter as much as it used to.


Cincinnati Bengals 5-3

Last week: W, 37-34 vs. TB
Last rank: 15th

The Bengals were in peak form on Sunday.


Houston Texans 5-3

Last week: W, 42-23 vs. MIA
Last rank: 14th

The Texans have won five straight, and yet it’s hard to tell if they’re good.


Green Bay Packers 3-3-1

Last week: L, 29-27 at LAR
Last rank: 7th

The Packers would have won that game if Ty Montgomery just takes a knee.


Philadelphia Eagles 4-4

Last week: W, 24-18 at JAX
Last rank: 12th

Philadelphia has all the talent to get rolling in a big way.


Seattle Seahawks 4-3

Last week: W, 28-14 at DET
Last rank: 13th

Suddenly, the Seahawks appear to be a borderline contender in the NFC.


Pittsburgh Steelers 4-2-1

Last week: W, 33-18 vs. CLE
Last rank: 10th

The Steelers are the class of the AFC North, and now they have a huge game with Baltimore.


Minnesota Vikings 4-3-1

Last week: L, 30-20 vs. NO
Last rank: 5th

If not for two turnovers, the Vikings would be much happier these days.


Carolina Panthers 5-2

Last week: W, 36-21 vs. BAL
Last rank: 9th

The Panthers are absolutely a threat in the NFC.


Washington Redskins 5-2

Last week: W, 20-13 at NYG
Last rank: 8th

It’s not sexy, but the Redskins keep winning.


Los Angeles Chargers 5-2

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 6th

The Chargers have a huge game on Sunday at Seattle. Win, and they’re rolling.


New England Patriots 6-2

Last week: W, 25-6 at BUF
Last rank: 3rd

The Patriots are clearly the biggest challenge to the Chiefs.


New Orleans Saints 6-1

Last week: W, 30-20 at MIN
Last rank: 4th

New Orleans has a chance to take down the Rams on Sunday at the Superdome. Insane atmosphere.


Kansas City Chiefs 7-1

Last week: W, 30-23 vs. DEN
Last rank: 2nd

The Chiefs are beyond dominant offensively, and Patrick Mahomes is unstoppable.


Los Angeles Rams 8-0

Last week: W, 29-27 v. GB
Last rank: 1st

The only undefeated team in the league.

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